Saturday, 24 January 2015

Toller Cranston Dies

I remember watching Toller Cranston every year on television.  Of course in those days many TVs were black and white, and we could watch all of 3 channels.  However, CBC always ran the Canadian and the World Figure Skating Championships, and I was 9 when he won the Canadian Championships the first time.  And now, today while the 2015 Canadian Championships were going on, we learn that he has died in Mexico at age 65.  Since I ejoyed skating, taking lessons every week, he was an inspiration.  His artistry, his skill and he was one of us...  Even when he stopped competing, he coached and choreographed programs for yet more inspirational skaters, some of which I had the chance to see skating, live rather than on the TV.   He was an individual and chose his own path with his style, his art.  While I didn't like the graphic art, I still had to admire that he didn't seem to live to others expectations, but to his own.  I'm not saying anything unique, but he was a part of our Canadian heritage, and I will remember his contribution to the sport, our country and his artistry.

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